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The Citadel 
 release, April 5th, 2024)

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A raven lands and sinks its talons into the rusty hall of a partially submerged fishing vessel off the coast of Duluth. Seven painted elephants walk undisturbed through the Mall of America. And on the back of a 13-foot sturgeon arising from the depths of Wisconsin’s Black River comes Aleutian Drift’s second studio album, The Citadel. Forged within the sonic chaos left in the wake of vanishing 20th century utopian imaginings, The Citadel provides a colossal soundtrack to the social disorders, cultural ruptures, and abandonment of reason itself as our societies either propel or plummet themselves into the new millennium.

Released via Farm to Label Records


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Aleutian Drift (formally A Thousand Plateaus) presents its first single in two years, “The Pentagon, in Levitation”.


Opening with a fanfare of sirens on stolen fenders, and cascading relentlessly forward with hefty rhythm and driving guitars and vocals, “The Pentagon, in Levitation” offers a post-punk tribute to our ancestors who participated in the anti-Vietnam war ‘March on the Pentagon’ on October 21, 1967.

The single is part of the full-length album, The Citadel, via FARM TO LABEL RECORDS.

CHERNOBYL MY LOVE (the single)

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"Chernobyl My Love" is the fourth to be released ahead of the full-length album, The Citadel, via Farm to Label Records.


Over a sonic barrage of steel and sweat, “Chernobyl My Love” is written from the perspective of the wildlife that has remained and thrived in the city of Pripyat, Russia following the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

SONG IN SEVENTHS (the single)

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Aleutian Drift presents its third single, “Song in Sevenths,” as part of the full-album, The Citadel, via Farm to Label Records.


Over a brooding bass and (slightly more hopeful) guitar gestures and washes, the single, Song in Sevenths, reflects on a life lived on the wrong side of the seven deadly sins. The song also pays tribute to the significance of the number seven within other human sufferings, including the Seven Years War, and (tragically) the seven ordinary days of the week.

ANDRE BRETON! (the single)

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Aleutian Drift presents its second single as part of the full-length album, The Citadel


The single, “Andre Breton!”, pays tribute to the famous (or infamous) French surrealist of the early 20th century. What better period to look back to for revolutionary politics? We like to think that Mr. Breton (1896-1966) would have dug the decidedly unforgiving / unapologetic aesthetic and drive of this song.


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Aleutian Drift (formerly A Thousand Plateaus) is a post-punk rock band whose members stem from Minneapolis, MN, Eau Claire, Madison, WI
and Bowling Green, OH.

You may find us performing around various cities in the midwest including Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.

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