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The Pentagon, In Levitation

Watch the video for the single, "The Pentagon, in Levitation."
Created and produced by Andy Grund.
Filmed in Menomonie Falls, Wisconsin

Enduring Transgressions
(A Three Part Video Series)

Shot in what was formerly the Uniroyal, Inc. rubber tire plant in Eau Clare, Wisconsin, this video series captures a distinct aesthetic that is both simultaneous with de-industrialization and decay, as well as the growth of new life and the emergence of new possibilities.

Part 1: Official video for the ATP single “My Purchase”
Part 2: Official video for the ATP single “Even the Sun Has a Dial”
Part 3: Official video for the ATP single “Night Will Open”
Even the Sun Has a Dial - Live 2022
Pentagon in Levitation - Live 2022
My Purchase - Live 2022
Sabellian - Live 2022
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