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American Pancake review, "My Purchase"

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The indie music blog, American Pancake, calls out the single "My Purchase" in their review of A Thousand Plateaus.

"My Purchase" from the band's self titled debut, as A Thousand Plateaus, cuts a deep path, with strident guitar work, a swinging drum beat, chunking palm mutes, feral lead rockisms, beautiful big falls into bohemian garden rock that blend heavy rock, Goth pop, surf punk (and more) into a wonderful (to me) 90's college rock radio amalgam. A car crash of R.E.M, Guided By Voices, the Descendants, The Smiths and Superchunk."

American Rob, (10/12/2020), "A Thousand Plateaus' post punk double down on My Purchase", American Pancake

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